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It begins

We started out this morning feeling fairly fresh eyed and some of us were even cheery, well Zeb and I were anyway.  The tall ones were a bit more "reserved".  Theres Alaria, she's an elven priestess of Freya, looking rather snooty and pious.  Ly'Tham, ANOTHER elf, who's a wizard, she seems okay.  The brute traveling with us is Biff, he's alright – but doesn't say much.  The quietest amongst us so far seems to be the holier than though paladin Ogren, very intimidating….he just glowers at everyone.  And then there's Zeb, a fellow halfling, who is good at finding and acquiring things.  He and I have an easy rapport and I already feel likes he's one of my many….many…..many cousins.  :)

That easy camaraderie was even challenged that first day.  As it wore on things got more and more grim as a feeling of doom just seemed to settle on us as we walked.  The day passed uneventfully though and we settled down to camp for the night, of course setting up a rotating watch schedule.  I got a bit of a nap and then was roused by Zeb to start my watch so he and the wizard could get a good solid nights sleep. The cleric and the paladin were OUT.

We had been on watch for an hour or so when I heard something moving in the woods.  I had just grabbed my bow and arrow when this HUGE hyena like thing came bounding out at us.  As I stepped back and sounded the alarm an EVEN BIGGER one came trotting out of the woods.  Biff was taking on the little one so I started firing at the big one in the back and the wizard joined me while Zeb jumped out to flank with the barbarian with Sir Ogren moving to join him.  Now you may be asking yourself 'what about the cleric?' She was sleeping, soundly.  We noticed they were able to actually damage our weapons and armor with their bite or their saliva, but we did eventually dispatch them.

Alaria seemed to rouse herself after the big one fell but did prove useful since she was able to heal our wounds up pretty quickly and after looking over the bodies we all settled back in to finish our watch or sleep and the rest of the night passed quickly enough. 

Day 2:

Actually passed pretty uneventfully.  Except for a weird 15 foot tall rock wall, with a landscaped flat hill top with a skull shaped on it in rocks.  We looked around a bit but didn't see any way openings into the hillside or way that would allow us inside.  So we pressed on.

Day 3:

Absolutely nothing happened.  It was even boring for a nature freak like myself, we didn't even see any wildlife….IN THE WOODS!

Day 4:

Apparently we are starting to feel a bit more comfortable with each other.  We found some berry bushes and were able to


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